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Text nausea (or overspamming) is the frequency with which the same words (not necessarily keywords) are used. Rest assured, oversaturation with the same words always results in special attention from search engines. For example, an article may fall under a shadow filter and never get good positions and high traffic.

How text nausea affects SEO promotion

The nausea is higher the more often a word is used in an article. When text analysis this parameter is needed to check the content for overused keywords.

In fact, most of the materials on Internet sites are developed for the needs of SEO promotion of sites, where the main goal - high positions in search. To achieve this, the authors specially introduce relevant keyword phrases in the text. Thus, the quality of the page according to search robots is growing, there is a chance to get into the long-awaited TOP 10. However, you should always be aware that text spamming can have a negative impact on individual pages and the site as a whole.

Nausea and overspam

Overspam, or in another way — page over-optimization — is an over-saturation of text with keywords. Search engines are ranked in such a way as not to allow in the issuance of spammy, hard-to-read texts. After all, such content is simply uncomfortable and not interesting to users.

If the material has a large percentage of nonsense, the page or entire site may fall back to a low position in extradition or get filtered because of search engine sanctions. You will not be aware of such sanctions from your Yandex Webmaster or Google Search Console. writing text

When is a filter triggered for overspam

Let's look at the main reasons:

1. Too many keywords in the meta tags

Some article titles look like they were created for search engine robots rather than humans. For example, the headline in search engine results «Sofa, buy sofas, buy a bed, etc.» looks just awful. A good Title serves primarily to attract customers, not robots. That is, it should be appealing and at the same time accurately reflect the essence of the page. By the way, we have an excellent material on competent compiling Title and Description.

2. Key phrases in the text

Over-abundance of keywords can also cause negative consequences for promotion. Try to write readable and interesting texts that can really interest people. Well, of course, do not forget to check them for overspam so that the nausea does not go beyond what we talked about above.

3. Hidden text

There are various ways to hide text from the user. For example, it can be written in the same color as the background, cover it with a picture, put a zero size or move it beyond the boundaries of the screen. But with the development of technology, the effectiveness of this method came to naught. Now search robots have no problem understanding that the text is not written for people and remove such material from output.

4. Aggressive internal linking

Search engines have a negative attitude towards content riddled with links for and without cause. By the way, we've already touched on the topic of linking internal pages on the site. merge pages

How nausea of text is measured

The acceptable limits of nausea depend on the size of the article and its purpose. The average is 8%, and variations are allowed from 5 to 15%. It is determined as follows: the number of repetitions is divided by the number of words in the article and multiplied by 100. For repetition are words irrespective of declension and case, for example, bouquet - bouquets.

You can check the text for nausea yourself by rereading it and evaluating, relying on your inner sense of beauty. The material should not contain inappropriately inserted keywords, it should be easy to read, fully consistent with the user's query.

Why too low text nausea is also bad

For optimization and quality SEO promotion it makes sense to monitor the frequency of keywords in the text, using special tools. That is, if the keywords used very little, the robots may consider the article irrelevant to their requests. In the reverse situation, the page may be filtered for overspam. That is why it is so important to be able to find this edge of a perfectly saturated material.

But, of course, what matters most is the quality of the content and its relevance to your readers. If the page fully answers all the relevant questions on its topic and solves people's problems, then getting to the top — a matter of time.

How to check text nausea

If the content is already on the site, it's most convenient to check it simply by entering the URL of the page in our tool. find water in text You can also enter your own text there for analysis. check text for water In addition, text nausea statistics are available among the results of the full-page analysis. In addition to a generalized percentage of spam in the text, you will see frequently used words, a list of stop words and the water in the text. check water

How to reduce text nausea

You can reduce nausea by applying different approaches:
  • Remove the most common words from the text. For example, you can replace them with synonyms, or do not use them at all where you can do without them. The main thing in the process is not to accidentally deprive the text of meaning, and not to make it difficult for readers to understand.
  • Also, use the most frequent stop words less often. Without them, the text is much cleaner and the percentage of nausea is lower.
  • Increase the length of your text by adding a few headings or paragraphs without using the main keywords.


It's important to monitor text nausea and optimize this metric so that relevant keywords are the most used in the piece. Well, of course, the main thing in the formation of the material is not technical characteristics, and the disclosure of the topic and the maximum benefit for visitors to the site. And only then the desire to bring all the SEO parameters to the ideal values.

Analyze your materials both thanks to services and “humanity” and then you will achieve the desired result.

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