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Find website duplicates online

website duplicates

What are duplicate pages

On this page, you can check the site for duplicates online. But why do it? Let's find out. Duplicates of the site are pages that are identical in content and can be opened by different URLs. For example:


Duplicate site by IP address

It is also necessary to remember how technically the computer gets information from sites. When we type the address, consisting of letters, numbers and symbols (e.g., our browser sends a request to the "library of domains" — to DNS servers.

That is, for each domain assigned its own address consisting only of numbers — the IP address (e.g. Through the DNS server, PC learns what IP address belongs to a domain. And already on, the IP address signal goes to the site to obtain data and display pages.

Why did you read these two paragraphs? Some sites can be opened by typing their IP address into the address bar. And search engines will index the resource twice, it will begin to compete with itself. Therefore, you need to put redirect (redirection) from the IP address to the domain.

Find website duplicates

Why search for duplicate sites

As we noted above, the main problem with duplicate pages is that they interfere with the SEO promotion of the site. Moreover, I encountered this when one of the queries in Google came up with a resource with an IP address instead of a domain. I had to urgently set up a 301 redirect and add the nonexistent domain in Search Console to run the merge sites.

Such a procedure is very slow, taking several months of valuable time. And the site will begin to receive traffic in full only after it is completed. Therefore, it is better to take care of properly configured redirects in advance and not create unnecessary problems for yourself.

What pages of the site may become duplicates

It is important to understand that not only the main page can be duplicated, but in general, any content on the site. This includes:

  • news pages, blog pages;
  • product categories;
  • sales pages, sections of services;
  • technical pages.

How to prevent the appearance of duplicates

Firstly, we recommend writing the rel="canonical" attribute on each page. You can verify its presence, using free site SEO analysis on LiftWebsite. The absence of this attribute may cause repetition of pages with GET requests.

check rel canonical attribute

This is especially important if the content on the site is dynamic — for example, in online stores. After all, usually search engines understand that the pages are not different from the word at all and do not add them to the index twice. But if the content is generated anew each time — the barriers to the creation of duplicates will not. The rel="canonical" attribute works fine against this problem and points to the original from any of the generated addresses.

How to remove duplicate pages from SERP

  • First, write the canonical attribute throughout the site.
  • Second, send duplicate pages with the rel='canonical' spelled out for reindexing in Google Search Console to be promptly removed from the results.
  • Third, if the entire site is duplicated, add the duplicate to the above-mentioned search engine accounts. Then run the procedure to move to the actual address.

How to find (check) duplicates of the site

To find duplicates, in other words, to check the site for duplicates — just enter its address into the form at the beginning of this page and click "check". Then you'll see what URLs you can go to its pages. Also, for convenience, you can click on the   icon next to the address to go to it. This is how you can check the functionality of the duplicate found.

If the redirects are configured correctly, the site will be accessible only by one address. The rest of the lines should be marked "redirected".

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