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check text overspam

To successfully promote the site in search engines, you need to use keywords with a certain frequency. Only if you do it too often, you can get sanctions both for one page and for the whole resource.

Timely check of the text for keywords overspamming will prompt if the content needs to be reworked and help avoid problems.

What is overspammed text on a website

Creating SEO content is impossible without using keywords because it is necessary for website promotion in Google. But in some cases, the abuse of keywords exceeds the acceptable norms. What is over spammed text on the site and how to check it? Let's look into it.

What is overspam in general

Overspam, or over-optimization — is the oversaturation of content with keywords or some other words that prevent users from feeling comfortable with the information.

But over-optimization discourages not only visitors, but also search engine robots. Yandex and Google have long fought for content designed primarily for people, not for quick top-10 rankings. If overspam exceeds the norm, you may lose some top positions as a punishment, or even go very far down the listings.

How to check text for overspam and nausea

There are several ways to check for overspam text on the LiftWebsite:

1. Along with other important parameters when analyzing a site.

Проверка воды текста

2. Using the text checker tool to check for overspam at the beginning of this page.

check text overspam

3. Check for overspam text automatically from a site page by its address (URL) by entering it in the field above.

check overspam by url

Types of content over-optimization

In addition to oversaturating text with special words to improve search engine rankings, there are many more options for influencing search engines. And, as you can easily guess, many of them have long been uncovered and no longer present sites with a significant advantage.

Overspam in the meta tags

To focus searchers' attention on the keys in Title and Description, there is often an oversaturation of these meta tags. In a small Title, which should be 60-90 characters, some professionals repeat the keyword up to three times. This is clearly overkill.

Which text is considered overoptimized

It's difficult to give an unambiguous answer to this question. Much depends on the subject. But if you take average values, then it is allowed to use 3-4 keywords for a text that is 2-3 thousand characters long. Approximately this level can be guided when writing material.

It is also useful to check for overspam texts on a similar topic on the Internet before creating content. Such analysis of competitors will help to understand the average parameters of text nausea for your topic.

What to consider when writing SEO text

  • Material should be easy to read.
  • Information should be made as useful to visitors as possible.
  • Text saturation of the main keywords should be within 2-4% for each of the words.
  • Inadmissible use of keys in direct occurrences in unnatural forms.
  • High-frequency keywords should be placed closer to the beginning of the text.

Link spam is often used for promotion – numerous links, mostly purchased ones, which are placed on donors to transfer weight to the resource. This method until a few years ago was considered the easiest and most effective means of promotion.

Can overspam text on the site manifest itself in the anchors of internal links of the content? Yes, if you get too excited about page linking.

Aggressive internal linking

What counts as aggressive linking? Some optimizers put five links in one paragraph to better transfer weight to other sections. We do not recommend doing this, it is better to put no more than 3-4 links per 3 thousand characters of text. Also, it makes no sense to link to certain material more than once from one page. Robots will consider only the first link, and the rest will only distract readers from the text.

Using hidden text

Sometimes people try to use quite an unconventional method for SEO promotion of the site, which consists of masking a part of the text from the visitors. In this case, this fragment of the material remains visible to the search engines for indexing.

The following techniques are used to cover the text:

  • The color of the font is chosen to be the same as the surrounding background color.
  • Part of the text is covered by overlaying images, pictures.
  • A certain amount of text is moved off-screen with CSS.
  • Font size is set to zero.
  • Masking links so that some character, such as a hyphen, is used as an anchor.

Such tricks are used by SEO-optimizers to fill with keywords the closed section of the material, which is not visible to visitors. This is done to increase the occurrence density of keywords on the page and the relevance of the page to search engines.

It's worth noting that in 2022, it's not very difficult for Yandex and Google to detect such techniques. And at best, the invisible text will simply be ignored by the robots. And if you're a little less lucky, — the site may drop out of search for a few months.

Other types of overspam

Other types of overspamming also have a negative impact on the promotion of a resource:

  • Different types of keyword emphasis in text.
  • Unnatural forms of words.
  • Spamming keywords in attributes alt images on the site.


In this piece, we explained what over-spamming text on a website is. Using too many keywords in the text, you make it uncomfortable for visitors. And this leads to a high percentage of bounces. Then the position of pages or even the site as a whole is reduced. Search engines Yandex and Google prefer texts for people.

Therefore, in the pursuit of promotion of the resource, should not overdo it and do not turn useful materials into hard-to-read sheets of keywords. By the way, to better navigate in the numbers, you can check the overspam in the text of the site, using the tool at the top of this page. This way, you can accurately understand the limits of content saturation with keyword phrases.