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People faces photo generator

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fake people photo generator

It's not uncommon to need to create photos of non-existent people for certain tasks on the Internet. For example, to fill in the “our team” block on resources that do not want to violate the personal data of their employees. Or to fill social media if you don't want to post real photos for some reason.

Neural Network — a generator of people's faces online

What is a neural network, and how does it generate non-existent people's faces? It is a mathematical model consisting of many neurons. Each of them is responsible for applying some criterion to training and implementing algorithms. And to create neural networks, you don't just have to write program code, but exactly train it on a large amount of data.

That is, in order for a neural network to generate faces of people online, it must first pass through hundreds of thousands of photos, through which it will understand what is required of it. During the training, each neuron will become connected with others through a certain coefficient. Their values determine the accuracy of the future fake photo generator algorithm.

Generate photos of nonexistent people

At LiftWebsite you can create photos of people in one click for free and download them to your computer, tablet or phone. And you don't have to wait for long downloads or queues to do it, just click the “generate” button. You can also refresh the photos time after time to find the most suitable one among them.

Is it easy to spot fake photos? Actually, is not always. Of course, some photos may contain unrealistic elements, but that is rare. Most of us won't be able to tell the difference between a live person and a synthetic one whose photo was generated by a neural network. Welcome to the future. Today, neural algorithms rank websites on the internet, write lyrics, music, and create realistic photos. What to expect tomorrow? It's hard to predict.

Create photos of fake people online

neural network people photo
# In the photo above, you can see the not-so-natural left ear.

Neural Network — face generator uses Nvidia video cards to do its work. Specifically, it uses machine learning GAN , which you can read more about on Wikipedia. And the two photo generation algorithms work simultaneously as a team. One creates the photo, and the other determines how well the first algorithm does its job.

The generator of people's faces on LiftWebsite for normal users works as easy and convenient as possible. That is, it does not require any special knowledge and experience with complex algorithms. There is only one button “generate” all you have to do is to choose the photo you like. You can also save each photo on your computer so that you can delete all unnecessary ones later.

Random face photo generation by neural network

Actually, a neural network generating photos of people was not the original goal of the developers. Nvidia was creating a face recognition program that would be very difficult or impossible to fool.

But, among other things, the project was open source , that is, open source, which is available for everyone to study and modify. That is why after a while the craftsmen were able to teach it to create photos of nonexistent people of any taste and color. Then we simplified this mechanism as much as possible, leaving only one button, and added it to

How do you generate a photo of a person?

To generate a photo of a nonexistent person, click the "generate" button. In a couple of seconds, the photo will appear on the screen. To select another photo, press "generate new photo" until you are satisfied with the result of the program. You can save the picture by pressing the "download" button.

Is it possible to use fake photos on the internet?

Yes, of course. Photos created by the neural network are not copyrighted, which means you can use them for any purpose.

How do you spot a fake photo?

It is not always possible to recognize a photo of a person who does not exist, but there are some peculiarities. First, such pictures usually have a uniform blurry background with no details. Secondly, the face is shot close-up. In addition, in most fake photos, people's eyes look directly into the center of the lens.