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Check website age online

check website age With our tool you can easily check the age of any site on the Internet, as well as the date of domain registration and its expiration date. Why is it important to know these characteristics? New sites have less credibility for search engines, which means that they will not get good positions in the search engine for several weeks or months.

Moreover, with the same quality of site content and good internal optimization, older resources are at an advantage. Therefore, always consider the age of the site when analyzing competitors for effective SEO promotion.

Find domain age

Of course, you can always find out the age of a site or domain through the console by sending a request to the appropriate whois server. But is it convenient to do it every time? The LiftWebsite team believes that it is much easier to enter the required URL into the query form and immediately get the result than to keep the list of domain zone servers in memory and then search for the required parameters among the answer lines.