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Site Audit Online

SEO site audit [ online ] on 20+ search engine optimization parameters. Full technical audit of the Internet project with recommendations: key phrases, page tags, text relevance and more.
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Free site audit — why do you need it

In 2024, the most important quality of a website for search engines is its usefulness for visitors. And it's often easy to assess it with the naked eye. But how do you check a site for SEO qualities and relevance to queries through the eyes of search engines?

To answer this question, conduct a free online site audit at LiftWebsite. If you achieve compliance with all the parameters, you'll push your web project to the top of search engines. And that means increasing the flow of satisfied customers who have solved their problems on your resource.
Make a site audit

Monitoring audit parameters

website SEO performance chart
Changes in online site audit parameters are reflected in clear graphs. Therefore, it is easy to trace the growth of the resource in search with changes in these values.

Technical audit of the Internet project for free will find most of the shortcomings that keep you on the first page of the TOP. And, as you know, forewarned is forearmed. And any problem is much easier to solve, knowing of its existence!

What does LiftWebsite site audit service analyze

keywords analysis

01. SEO relevance of text on the page

Keyword occurrences in Title, Description and Keywords meta tags. The use of the phrase is also highlighted among the h1-h6 headings.

02. Search engine view

The number of your website pages in Google search results.

03. SSL security certificate

The secure certificate is checked for correctness and its expiration date is displayed. It is important to update the certificate in time. Otherwise, you can lose your position in search for a long time.
duplicates check

04. Search for duplicates of the site

Do not allow your resource to work simultaneously from different addresses on the Internet. A SEO audit of the site will identify such duplicates, and if they really work, it is worth setting up redirects from them.
website age

05. The age of the Internet project

Audit shows how old the resource, the date of registration of the domain and the expiration date of payment for it.
meta tags correctness

06. Meta tag analysis

Title, Description, Keywords and their compliance with the standards of SEO promotion and relevance.
Headings analysis

07. Page headers

You will see all internal headings (subheadings) on the page, their repetitions between them will be highlighted.
text check

08. Site content audit

This is an SEO analysis of the text, comparing its volume with the norms of optimization. It also determines the time to read, the number of words and sentences.
semantic core check

09. Semantic core audit

LiftWebsite builds a semantic core using the text of the page and shows the number of repetitions of each word. It will also determine the percentage of content nausea.
text search for water

10. Percentage of water in the text

In addition to the numerical value of the water content of the text will be shown a complete list of "water" words (they take up space, but do not make sense).
Picture analysis

11. Audit of page images

The service checks the correctness of the ALT attributes of images (their repetition or lack thereof).
code to text ratio

12. HTML code

This includes how quickly the Internet resource loads, as well as the amount of code that is loaded.
site security

13. Site audit for viruses

By doing a site audit online, you can in one click check its safety from viruses, using the means of search engines Google and Yandex.
Domain Rank

14. Domain Rank score

This is the Link Mass Quality of your site, measured by the service MegaIndex. The value can be from zero to a hundred, if we are talking about the leading sites in the industry.
open external links

15. Dofollow and nofollow links

The site analyzer checks links to external resources that are open for indexing. After all, such a step can transfer weight to the page where it should not be done.
Do a free site audit

Full site audit online with recommendations

Are you well versed in search engine optimization, or are you just beginning to get acquainted with SEO? Whatever it is, an audit of the Internet project with recommendations will help open your eyes to many unnoticed problems.

The LiftWebsite team has written explanations for each checkout parameter. That means it's easier and faster to work on improving your resource.
recommendations for site analysis

Selection of key phrases

Before compiling the structure and pages of the Internet project, be sure to study the relevant keywords. And on their basis, plan future work. In particular, you can do this by doing an online audit of your competitors' sites on LiftWebsite.

Regarding their frequent requests, prepare new pages and content on your resource.
semantic core check

Checking site optimization

From the results of the analysis, it is easy to audit the neighboring pages of the Internet project, checking them for the quality of SEO relevance. Therefore, it becomes much more convenient to monitor your resource.

Technical audit of the site in dynamics

The data obtained during the analysis of the site is saved for easy study. That is, you can always see both the extreme result and the previously saved ones, using arrows (← →). Also, many values are automatically plotted on the appropriate graphs.

High-speed inspections

LiftWebsite is not a template site with standard functionality (like most are). We have developed a service for checking internet projects from scratch, using the latest technology. That's why a free site audit is done in just a couple of seconds, without the need to check all the pictures with motorcycles or register an account by entering your card details.

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