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Check text semantic core online

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check text semantic core
Semantic core is the frequency, density of words that reflect the main meaning of the page. In other words, it is the saturation of text with SEO key phrases. According to this characteristic, search engines estimate the relevance of a site's content for specific queries of people.

Therefore, it is important to use the right phrases in sufficient quantities, forming the correct semantic core of the text. But do not go overboard - otherwise the search engine will award page or the entire site penalties for over spamming.

Hod to measure page's semantic core

How do you measure "overspam" on a page? This is done by measuring the nausea of the text. Nausea is the ratio of keywords to all other words. The greater the percentage of nausea, the more likely it is to fall under filters for overoptimization. In particular, the figure from 5 to 15 percent is considered good.

Water in the text is the ratio of stop words to the entire content of the page of the site.