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According to the headers, search engines determine how much the topic of your page coincides with the queries that users enter. This means that SEO promotion of the site is directly dependent on their relevance. Headings come in different levels from h1 to h6.

Main header h1

The main header of the sales page is the h1 (not to be confused with title), it reflects the main idea of the text. It should begin with the exact occurrence of a key phrase you want to promote the material. In addition, do not use the same title and h1 tag. They should contain a common meaning, the keywords, but they should be slightly different. By the way, how to make up a title and description, we have already talked about in a previous article.

For example:
Title: How to Choose a Laptop: 15 Life Hacks.
h1: How to choose a laptop in the 2024.

Page subheadings

h2 — h6 are secondary headings, with a number indicating their level. Subheadings are important for easy navigation of text interaction. They should also contain keywords in their natural form. When writing texts, most often used tags h2 and h3, less often h4 and other tags.

How to place SEO headlines on a website page in 2024

There should be only one h1 tag on the page. The subheadings should be placed correctly in order, following a logical structure.
h1-h6 structure
wrong subheadings
That's not right either:
wrong subheadings h1-h6
correct subheadings h1-h6

Basic SEO page header rules

Follow these rules:
  • Each subheading must contain the meaning and idea of the text it.
  • Don't overuse headings, as search engines can mistake this for over-optimization. In particular, you shouldn't write headlines consisting only of a solid keyword phrase for the same reason.
  • No duplicate text in h1 — h6 tags.
  • Search engines are best perceived by headlines no longer than 60 characters.
  • Do not put extraneous elements in the headings: links, images or other tags.
It would also be appropriate to mention the design of text headings. They should stand out prominently from the rest of the text for better readability and easier navigation.

Images in headings

It is sometimes the case that images or links are inserted into the headings, and this is not recommended. This disturbs the logic of the markup and makes it difficult for search engines to understand your page.

How to check all SEO headers on the page

The easiest way to check the status of these tags is to use our site analysis tool. You can easily track their hierarchy, find duplicates and other possible problems that hinder SEO promotion in Google. check page headings

Top 6 mistakes in SEO page headers

  1. Lack of h1 tag on the page — this is the one that plays one of the decisive roles among page and site ranking factors in general.
  2. Boring H1 tag, which makes you not want to go to the site from a search to read the material.
  3. SEO headlines that end with a period or other punctuation marks.
  4. Making subheadings solely from keywords.
  5. Illogical page structure. For example, when after the tag h1 immediately followed by h5.
  6. The heading does not correspond to the content it names.


SEO h1-h6 page headers need to be taken seriously if you want to outperform your competitors in search engine rankings. Don't use more than one h1 tag, and use subheadings to form a clear content structure. Also, try to make headings concise (up to 60 characters) and informative, not forgetting the use of key phrases.

In addition, when analyzing competitors, consider the level of trust that search engines have in your site. After all, large projects can be forgiven a lot, and it's not so easy for them to lose their positions.

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