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HTML is a HyperText Markup Language. Thanks to it, we see not just text, but full-fledged pages with interactive content. Today, it is supported by the W3C — World Wide Web Consortium. It develops the principles and standards under which all modern sites are made.

What are HTML errors? Bugs are code that does not follow accepted markup standards, the W3C guidelines. And code with errors is otherwise known as invalid code.

Invalid HTML code works (yes!)

Unlike programming languages, where any missed error stops the program, HTML is very good with invalid code. Its main purpose is to display the page "as is". However, this is where the notable problem comes in.

If some of the tags are not closed and others are in the wrong place with the wrong attributes, the computer still displays the page. But different browsers will get it differently, and the search engine may not find part of your article at all. And you are unlikely to find out about it, and SEO site promotion in Google will slow down considerably.

How to check for HTML errors

Which error will throw your site out of search engine rankings, and which one should you ignore? The answer to this question everyone wants to know. Of course, the basic search engine ranking factors are known, but the real algorithms remain a mystery even for most Google and Yandex developers. Therefore, the most reliable solution is to eliminate invalid code completely. And the best way to check HTML code errors on a page is to check on the official W3C website. Invalid code according to W3C
Error decoding at

No HTML errors found on the page
Validator detected no errors on page

Where do HTML errors and invalid code come from

In today's world, most sites are created on CMS — content management systems. This means that you no longer have to write the HTML markup manually. This approach greatly speeds up and simplifies the development process, but not without a fly in the ointment.

In manual page layout, any errors are easily eliminated, and the code remains easy to read and fully valid. But CMS, such as the most popular engine WordPress, generate code automatically. And so keep track of him on an order of magnitude more difficult, such HTML is difficult to correct.

And it is rare that any flaws can be fixed from the settings menu. Almost always it is necessary to go into the CMS libraries, or use self-written plugins.

If you fix all the bugs, will the site immediately hit the top? No one can give guarantees whether a particular error is the cause of the poor positioning of the site or page. Therefore, it is worth a comprehensive approach to search engine promotion, fixing and improving a variety of parameters.


In the summer of 2021, John Mueller, a leading Google analyst, said that HTML errors don't directly affect rankings. But they definitely play their indirect role in the life of every website. Specifically, invalid HTML code can break a site on some devices (phones, tablets, etc.) and block text for search engine robots. And if search engines can't find some of the content on the page, you can forget about further SEO promotion of the site.

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