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Text length is the number of characters, words or sentences on the page of the site. This parameter significantly affects both the ranking of materials in the search engine and the SEO promotion of the site as a whole.

But increasing the number of characters does not always give the site an advantage. It is important only if the text will be a maximum of useful information.

How much content is needed on the page — Top 7 practices

1. The optimal length of text for the site

It is believed that the average page should be 500-3000 words, but it depends a lot on your topic. After all, you have to be capacious in response to readers, giving them the necessary amount of useful information. And often a succinct answer is more useful than huge sheets of material.

2. Quality vs Quantity

The author often noticed on the Internet that people want to write an article longer than the competitors. And it doesn't matter that there simply isn't that much content on a given topic.

That's why we have to insert useless arguments and, as far as possible, dilute the text "water" only to achieve a character advantage.

Such an approach will do much less good than systematizing data, compressing it, and filtering it. So think a few times before you write yourself or write your TOR to a copywriter for a huge text longer than 1500 words.

3. Errors and lexical repetition

Articles in which the same idea is written several times under different SEO headings mislead both users and search engines. Such texts get little attention because it is much more convenient to read systematized data, where everything is laid out. And ideas are not repeated.

The same can be said of grammatical errors. So, John Mueller, a leading analyst at Google , says that errors in text do not affect your site's position in search. But they do reduce the credibility of your readers and customers. And this is the worst thing that can happen to any online resource. Grammar errors

4. The benefits of short texts

Concisely stated data immediately answer the user's question. That means people don't have to search among dozens of paragraphs and headings to find the facts of interest. If a person solves their problem on your resource and will not return to the results of the output, promotion of the site in Google and Yandex will go much faster.

5. When you need long articles

Of course, you can always write a long SEO text on sales page where you can reveal all the relevant issues and facts as much as possible. But you need to be sure that your content will interest the user, and he will read it with pleasure. At the same time, while submitting a large amount of knowledge, you need to keep in mind their real usefulness for visitors.

6. How to decide on the length of text for your topic

To complete this, study the pages of your competitors’ sites for related search queries. By doing such an analysis, you'll understand what length answers people want (learn what length to focus on). A tool for checking page volume And, of course, you can always make your material more extensive than others, keeping in mind its uniqueness. It will probably be your article that will be more informative and will deserve both readers' attention and a high position in search results.

Free check your competitor's page length, semantic kernel and water percentage with our separate semantic core analysis tool, or with our comprehensive site page check.

7. Current Trends

Every year, there are more and more ranking factors in the Yandex and Google search engines. Including the use of neural networks to analyze the data. And this means that it will not be possible to fool such robots by including a wide range of topics in an article.

Because now the main focus is on the usefulness of the content, not the density of keywords and their synonyms. That is why every year the percentage of longreads (long articles) decreases in favor of short and succinct texts.


The bottom line is what text length is needed for successful SEO promotion? There are a number of factors to consider. First, each topic should be approached differently, and the length of the article is not the main indicator. Secondly, the text should be composed without lexical and grammatical errors.

Well, and, of course, the article should easily address the questions of the widest range of your readers, without forcing them to go back to a search engine to find more information.

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